The various kingdoms and regions of Albion are as diverse as the creatures that inhabit them. From the frozen wastes of Caledonia to the magnificent halls of Camelot, the land teems with ancient magic and the ever-present threat of war. Knowing the state of the realms is not only an asset to diplomacy as of late, but sheer survival.

  • Astra Rubis: Former home of the Mountain Dwarves, since overrun by Orcs.
  • Avalon: Mystical island of the fey, obscured by powerful magic.
  • Caledonia: A vast, frozen tundra home to a few pockets of civilization.
  • Camelot: The central and most powerful kingdom in Albion, once a beacon of chivalry.
  • Cornwall: Southern kingdom of traders, craftsmen and ore miners.
  • Cymru: Nation of fey and magical folk, many of them refugees of war.
  • Deira: Central region notorious of its thugs and lawless villages.
  • Elmet: A desolate realm of ash and blood, infested with savage dragons and monsters.
  • Escetir: A wretched hive of scum and villainy, known for its mercenaries and assassins.
  • Gutherham: Renowned kingdom of lorekeepers, libraries and ancient relics.
  • Lyoness: Group of islands once used for diplomatic liaisons, since utterly destroyed by war.
  • Mercia: Once an enemy to the Pendragon legacy, now one of its few remaining allies.
  • Northumbria: Fearless colony of Vikings who have been fending off Orc raids for a century.
  • Uzguruk: Formerly Rovac, an agricultural Dwarf kingdom, overrun by Orcs a hundred years ago.
  • Wessex: Southern kingdom of brave individuals, but weak government that has bowed to Camelot.

NOTE: The alignments listed for cities and authority figures are based on speculation, judged by the common behaviors and overall assumptions for each, and not necessary exact.


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