Astra Rubis

Kingslayers.bmpCenturies ago, Astra Rubis was one of two prosperous Dwarven kingdoms in northern Albion. While neighboring Rovac provided the crops and supplies to the Dwarf people, Astra Rubis provided the wealth. Among its chief commodities was the “astra rubis,” or “star gem” – a lustrous ruby that seems to shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. While astra rubis has been shown to hold latent energy, which many consider magical in nature, the Dwarves traded them amongst each other mainly due to their appearance. Many crowns and garments are fashioned with the expensive gem, and the hilt of Excalibur was said to be embedded with several.

Less than a year after sorceress Morgan Le Fey invaded Camelot and seized control of the realm, she turned her sights on her neighbor to the North. Calling on the bloodthirsty Orcs who had already infested Rovac, she bribed them into attacking the Dwarven citadels. The Mountain Dwarves were overwhelmed by the ferocity and dark magic fueling the Orc hordes, though many fought to the death to defend their kingdom. In the end, the Orcs claimed the mines, funneling their vast wealth directly into Camelot – and Le Fey’s coffers.

Since that day, many Dwarves have tried and failed to reclaim their lost homeland. Though they have not yet been successful, the Dwarven people continue to plot and organize from abroad. Their former leader, King Gwŷr, continues to stoke the flames of resistance. He remains on the move, fearful of assassination, but constantly on the lookout for potential allies.


  • Glimmerhold – Former Dwarven citadel and trade city, now overrun by orcs and goblins.

Astra Rubis

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