It was been twenty years since Camelot, the citadel of honor and virtue in the lands of Albion, was all but destroyed by the sorceress Morgan la Fey. Queen Guinevere and a mere handful of her Knights of the Round Table were the lone survivors of the once powerful government. Though La Fey was killed and her army defeated, Camelot did not recover well.

Over the years the lands grew fractured and divided. Barbarian raids, Orc massacres, and remnants of dark magic brought the kingdom lower and lower. Trade suffered and all but stopped. Farms dried up and drought swept the fields. Dark Elves surged in population as the majestic fey themselves began to fall to despair.

Aged and increasingly infirm, Queen Guinevere decided to step down from the throne. She appointed her eldest and most trusted knight – Sir Gawain – to succeed her. On the way to his coronation, however, he was betrayed by his captain and guards for reasons unknown. The murderers left Gawain’s body to be discovered by a passerby, and news reached Guinevere at her manor in Lyonesse.

Not wanting the kingdom to devolve into civil battles, rumors, and general descent, Guinevere decided to appoint an alternate successor. This candidate, a complete unknown to the kingdom at large, seemed an odd choice at best – and terrible decision at worst. Nonetheless, Guinevere stood by her selection.

Now the candidate has arrived in Camelot, where a most unusual coronation is about to begin. The kingdom watches with baited breath, wondering or perhaps fearing how the new Ruler of Camelot may lift the realm to a glorious new age.

Or destroy it completely.



Camelot: Light in the Dark Praissen